Unit sales

Mercedes-Benz Cars will consistently follow its path of growth in 2015 in the context of the “Mercedes-Benz 2020” offensive. Overall, we intend to significantly increase our unit sales and thus reach a new record. This is based on our currently very attractive and young model portfolio, which we will expand with some additional new products in 2015. An important contribution will come from the new C-Class, which is now available in sedan and wagon versions in all markets. Furthermore, in the first seven months of 2015, we will launch four new vehicles that have no predecessor model. The first automobiles of our new and highly exclusive Mercedes-Maybach brand are being delivered to customers already in February. They will be followed by the fascinating sports car Mercedes-AMG GT, the practical and stylish CLA Shooting Brake and the GLE Coupe, a sporty SUV. Within the context of our product offensive, we will also renew almost our entire range of SUVs in 2015, thus stimulating additional demand.

We anticipate significant growth in unit sales in 2015 also for the smart brand. The new fortwo and forfour models have been available in Europe since November 2014. Both of these products will be launched in all key markets in 2015 and will therefore contribute to the positive development of unit sales at Mercedes-Benz Cars. As we had lacked a four-seat smart model in recent years, we are now able to address completely new target groups with the smart forfour.

smart fortwo & forfour | World Premiere [Trailer]

From a regional perspective, we expect the Asian markets to make major contributions to our growth in unit sales in 2015. In China, we are continuing the expansion of our sales organization and of local production capacities, thus creating the right conditions for further growth. But unit sales will increase also in North America as a result of our new models, and we intend to profit to an above-average extent from the slight revival of demand expected in Western Europe.

Daimler Trucks anticipates a significant increase in unit sales in 2015. In Western Europe, demand is likely to be dampened by the continuation of weak economic growth, leading to unit sales in the magnitude of the previous year. But we believe we will be able to defend our very good market position with our fuel-efficient products, high customer acceptance and a flexible production network. In Turkey, we anticipate significant sales being brought forward to 2015 due to the introduction of Euro VI emission regulations in 2016. In Brazil, the ongoing lack of economic growth and less favorable financing conditions are likely to dampen overall demand, so we have to expect falling unit sales in that market. In the medium term, however, Brazil will continue to be an important market for us. We are therefore continuing to invest in our local products and our production sites in São Bernardo do Campo and Juiz de Fora. Furthermore, we will continue our optimization program in Brazil, thus further increasing the efficiency of our facilities there.

In the NAFTA region, we assume that in line with the expected market development, our unit sales will once again be higher than in the previous year. The new and successful products should safeguard our market leadership in the region. Unit sales in Asia are also likely to develop positively overall. In Indonesia, one of our main markets in Asia, we expect unit sales to recover after the decrease in 2014. In India, the further expansion of our dealer network should facilitate significant growth in unit sales. In addition, the expanded range of FUSO vehicles produced in India can be expected to stimulate additional sales growth in Asia and Africa. In Japan, however, growth rates are likely to decrease significantly.

Mercedes-Benz Vans plans to achieve significant growth in unit sales in 2015. Above all in Europe, our core market, we anticipate significant increases in sales of medium-sized and large vans. This development is likely to be primarily driven by the new products Vito and V-Class, which are now fully available following their launch in 2014.In the context of our “Mercedes-Benz Vans goes global” strategy for the division, we will launch the Vito also in North and South America in 2015, stimulating additional demand there. We aim to achieve further growth in those markets also with the Sprinter, which we will produce also in North America in the future. Furthermore, we intend to expand our presence in China in the market segment we address there.

Mercedes-Benz TV: World Premiere of the new V-Class.

Daimler Buses assumes that it will be able to defend its market leadership in its core markets for buses above 8 tons with innovative and high-quality new products. For the year 2015, we anticipate a slight increase in total unit sales. This is based on the assumption of a stable development of unit sales in Europe and Latin America and rising unit sales in Mexico.

Daimler Financial Services aims to achieve further profitable growth in the coming years. For the year 2015, we anticipate significant growth in both new business and contract volume. This will result from the growth offensives of the automotive divisions, the specific targeting of younger customers, the expansion of business especially in Asia, and the further development of our online sales channels. We will continue to grow also with the flexible car-sharing model, car2go, and will systematically expand our range of mobility services under the umbrella of moovel.

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On the basis of our assumptions concerning the development of automotive markets and the divisions’ planning, we expect the Daimler Group to achieve further significant growth in total unit sales in 2015.