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Digital DriveStyle made by Daimler: mobile and online.

Mobility means personal freedom and a good quality of life. More and more people, especially in rapidly growing cities and regions, want to be able to move around comfortably in a climate-friendly manner. Customizable transport solutions that can be compared and accessed via the Internet are very much in demand. And drivers also want to be “always on” while on the road-so that they can call up traffic information in real-time or communicate with friends and business partners, for example.

Because Daimler aims to actively shape the mobility of the future, we align our forward-looking technologies with the needs of our customers.

Among other things, we are working to connect vehicles with one another, with traffic infrastructure, with the services we offer and with other mobility service providers. Together with well-known partners, we are also looking to establish the infrastructure necessary for efficient networked mobility. As an industry trailblazer, we are opening up new perspectives for mobility and helping people reach their destinations as efficiently and conveniently as possible.

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